Single Deck Blackjack Strategy at Fachai Pro Casino

Fachai Pro Blackjack beginners will have the easiest time learning and applying blackjack strategy concepts when playing a single-deck version of the game. The only downside is that these games are increasingly less common due to the rising popularity of card counting and online casino’s efforts to curb it. That said, new players will have an easier time mastering fresh blackjack concepts if they play the simplest version they can find.

Why is single deck blackjack easier to master? Quite frankly because there are fewer cards, and fewer cards mean fewer possibilities. Whether you’re counting cards while playing blackjack online or not, a single deck makes applying the right blackjack strategy extremely easy. Most of the basic blackjack strategies you’ll find online are best applied to single-deck games anyway.

What’s especially nice about playing single deck blackjack is that there is little debate over when is the right time to hit, stand, double down, or split. With one quick search, you can find any number of blackjack strategy charts, and virtually all of the single deck cheats will be the same. It’s an easy way to ensure that you’re making the right move every time you play, and if you’re playing blackjack online you don’t even have to memorize the information; just bring up a second window next to your game screen or print the charts and keep them with your computer.

If you are planning to incorporate a card counting system into your blackjack strategy, then it’s much easier with a single deck, even if you can’t see other players’ cards until the end of the round. That’s because you can calculate the remaining cards in the deck much faster and get a more accurate idea of what will happen if you hit with a tricky hand.

Blackjack Odds of Busting

  • Chances of Busting

As strange as it may seem, one of the least known pieces of blackjack strategy involves knowing your odds of busting with different hands. For instance, if you have a score total of 15 and you hit, you have a 58% chance of busting. Knowing little facts like this is very useful when you’re using an outside-of-the-box blackjack strategy that deviates from a strategy chart. This being said, here are the chances of busting when you hit each score total:

  • Hit on 21 = 100% chance of busting
  • Hit on 20 = 92% chance of busting
  • Hit on 19 = 85% chance of busting
  • Hit on 18 = 77% chance of busting
  • Hit on 17 = 69% chance of busting
  • Hit on 16 = 62% chance of busting
  • Hit on 15 = 58% chance of busting
  • Hit on 14 = 56% chance of busting
  • Hit on 13 = 39% chance of busting
  • Hit on 12 = 31% chance of busting
  • Hit on 11 or less = 0% chance of busting.

As you can see, you’re going to bust better than 50% of the time when you hit a score of 14 and up. The obvious conclusion that you can draw from this is that you want to avoid hitting once you get past a score of 13, especially when you get above 16.


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