2016 Mitsubishi Lancer

Automobile maker Mitsubishi is well known all over the world for their production of accomplished, good looking sports cars. The Mitsubishi Lancer is the basically the oldest sedan in the market as the 2016 model is now entering its ninth year since the first model was released.
The Lancer has the best resale value off any car in the market, ideal for the frugal money hacker” says Tim from Moneydialogue.com.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2016
This car represents good value for money as always with Mitsubishi as well as offering sporty driving manners. One can say that much hasn’t changed in this model as compared to its predecessor as it maintains most of the features from the previous version in this segment.
Exterior and Interior Design
Not much has changed regarding the exterior of this car as it remains the same four-door sedan traditional vehicle. Though its square, crisp shape still makes it ideal for its fanatics but to the displeasure of the critics. A less aggressive grille has been added, as well as a front end design for 2016 which somehow makes it look modern. It also features a front bolder front bumper with vertical LED daytime running lights as well as fog lamps. Also coming in are the heated power mirrors with integrated turn signals and 16-inch alloy rims.
The car’s interior is where you can expect to see more changes. As expected the packaging and the interior are still very impressive as the Lancer manufacturer makes smart use of the cabin dimensions as in the previous versions of the Lancer models. A standard USB connectivity has been added to the central console as well as a redesigned voice-activated audio system. It also has cellphone controls with Bluetooth technology. Adding to all these, the Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 will feature a color LCD placed in the active cluster and it also offers an automatic air condition control system.
Engine and Fuel Economy
The Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 which is a base front-wheel-drive is fitted with a 148-hp, 2.0-liter MIVEC four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual gearbox as well as an optional (CVT) continuously variable transmission as it will seek to achieve maximum speed as well as maximum efficiency and excellent fuel economy. It returns 27 miles per gallon in the city and an original 35 miles per gallon when you are on the highway.
Apart from making smart use of the cabin, the automobile will be fitted with cloth seats to make it look all more impressive. The manufacturer has also added a new SEL trim level with a little bit more features.
Release date and price
This car will officially be on sale to the wider market around late October. Its prices will range from around $17,595 for the ES 2.0 five-speed stick manual transmission and $ 18,595 for the ES 2.0 with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

How to polish your car in just four steps


Your car shine like when he left the dealership is not just a matter of washing. Other care needs that are not very complicated but they will take some more time. In this practical we show you how to polish your car in just four steps.

If you are someone who enjoys seeing his shiny car, you will be a regular customer of the car wash. That’s fine, because it is the first step to shine your car, but not enough. In addition to rub it carefully (and care) to make your vehicle look equally spotless when he left the dealership, you should try to remove scratches and minor knocks disguise. Besides, if you are looking for AMG Mercedes rims then check out the site.  At the end, you will have saved almost all it costs to paint a car completely. Do you find it difficult? Not at all, you can brighten your car in just four steps:

  1. Goodbye to dirt

Travel is almost never quiet for the car: first, a number of kilometers mess, hopefully, without pillar jam. By the way, small stones can scratch your paint and most likely a legion of mosquitoes literally disemboweled finish on its surface. And when it reaches its destination is worse because there waiting for you, if outdoors, rain, temperature changes or an unforgiving sun.

The first thing to do to your car is not dulling wash. Once at your destination or back home looking for a car wash and remove all dirt. You can do a car wash, but if you choose this method does not forget to give first an overview with pressurized water to remove the bulk of the dirt and, above all, sand or attached to rocks (if you do not, you may ARANES painting unintentionally).

Water pressure hose spurting, so keep some distance to avoid damaging the paint or create damage to plastics.

Another tip: do not put hot wax program, because when you go to polish not care that the paint is polished. You must clean hand doorframes, gums and bumpers to try to get add shine to the car. Most washing tunnels not act efficiently in such gaps. It uses a lot of water and you be careful not to drop the sponge to the ground. It may seem silly, but if it happens it can be a stone stuck and lead to the hated scratches.  

  1. Outside mosquitoes and insects

The greatest enemies of the brightness of the body are resin trees, bird droppings and insects. Many of these elements are corrosive, so if you do not delete them immediately, can be trace forever.

After cleaning a car shampoo and dry with cloth leather, comes the recovery work.

The first recommendation is that you do not apply any product under the sun; under the influence of the sun leaves its mark anything in the paint.

Notes this trick to clean insects of car: leave a towel soaked with a household cleaning product on the area to be cleaned for a long time (if it can be all night, much better). This way you get the remains come off better, although this will not remove rubbing (never do with scouring pad or newspaper).

  1. Arrange paint scratches

There is nothing to subtract brightens a car scratches. All are involuntary and many blame others but eliminate is something you can do yourself and easier than it looks form. The procedure depends on the depth of the ‘wound’.

– When it comes to surface scratches as those occurring in the moldings of the door handles, can be removed from the first layer of paint polishing paste.

To apply this product you should use a cloth other than microfiber, but as compact as possible.

To add a touch of extra sparkle to the car, at the end you can review the joints with paint polish if you want.

– If you scratch disfigures the body are medium depth, the task is more complicated. You have two options:

– Quick Solution: retouch with a pen wax.

They are like you used in school when you were little, those with which he painted on the wall as well. The shops have many colors but it’s hard to find one in the exact same shade as your car. Also, after a few washes the car, the wax will have disappeared completely.

– Final Solution in specialized stores there rotuladores parts car paint in a wide range of tones.

Before applying, you must remove traces of rust, sand the edges carefully and then gently spread the paint; the best technique is to give small strokes. This solution is only more durable but not perfect as always closely follow noticing the arrangement.

– Although it seems impossible, deep scratches can also be repaired at home.

First you must sand the surface to be treated; then you should clean it carefully, give a first coat of paint and then sand again.

Later you have to go giving very thin layers, with applications not more than one second. After drying, you have to re-polish the edges of the work.

  1. Retains the brightness of your car like new

Do you remember ‘Karate Kid’? This is the same, “Give wax on, wax off”. And do not complain that to leave your car like new at least you do not have to also make the crane…

Once all the repair work of the damage in the paint, and the car clean, you can start with the finish.

Before you start applying polish or other product, you must protect the plastic parts of your body. For this there are liquids or waxes may be worth cleaning; some also easy to remove paraffin, and avoid spots and fences.

If the paint is old, apply the cleaner and wax and then polished carefully (in this handy learn how to rejuvenate the body of a classic car). If you have not used a combination product, returns to do the same with a hard wax. Whether you use a polisher or do it by hand: you must never do these jobs full sun or in hot weather; and it works only in parts.

If it dries too fast or takes too long to do so polished, it will cost more to leave a job well finished. In new cars just with hard wax seal.



For a Day You’ll Never Forget, Take a Tank for a Spin!

There are many exciting ways to spend an afternoon, but none can really compare with a day in a tank. Other one-time driving experiences, such as driving an expensive sports car or learning about being a stunt driver, don’t involve the kind of power that you will feel while driving a full-fledged war machine like an armored personnel carrier. Therefore, tank-driving packages are often considered the ultimate choice at driving experience companies like Wish.

Three tank-driving packages await those who want to find out what it’s like to drive a war machine without also having to experience an actual war or at least a stint in the military. Choose the basic Tank Driving Experience to take the controls of a 55-ton Cheiftain 700-hp tank, an armored personnel carrier, a quad bike, and an Abbot self-propelled field gun. You’ll love being able to drive all of this heavy military equipment without worrying about being shot at! A brief training period and friendly staff ensure that you’ll get the most out of this fun day.

Shooting is often considered an essential part of any kind of war sim, and the Tank Battle Paintballing package takes the concept of non-lethal fire to a whole new level. Imagine shooting huge paintballs out of the modified, air-powered cannon of an armored personnel carrier! That’s what you’ll be doing after a training session that teaches you how to drive the APC, load the breech, and fire the gun. After shooting paintballs with tanks, the regular on-foot, in-the-forest type of paintballing will seem boring in comparison.

Choose the Full Monty Tank Day to spend an entire day simulating military activity from a variety of time periods. Modern equipment will include four kinds of military vehicles for you to drive, but that’s just part of the fun. You’ll also get to fire a 17th century mortar and a flintlock musket to experience a taste of how war used to work. Finally, you’ll go in the woods to practice some SAS skills that you’ll be taught during this event. This is the ultimate adventure for someone who wants all of the excitement of war without the actual war.


Calm Your Stress with a Beautiful Aquarium of Fish!

If you are the type of person which likes staying relaxed as well as all chilled out, as well as thought of achieving a zen-like state of mind appeals to your heart, you could possibly desire to consider the purchase of a number of fish aquariums for your house, particularly when you have not previously had one before. You will discover very few related home accessories that supply precisely the same beneficial advantages to your well-being as may an aquarium full of bright colored, reflective fish moving comfortably as well as deliberately in their brilliantly illuminated along with exotic background of brilliant aquarium accents. Aquariums are a wonderful method to encourage the actual strains of the workday to dissolve. Once you return home from the job, change into something that feels comfortable and afterwards spend the next 15-20 minutes just quietly de-stressing while you observe the hypnotically peaceful sliding moves of your fish swimming backwards and forwards. In case you have never had an aquarium before, you’ve got a indulgence waiting, because it is a fun and fascinating and easy to study pastime. An excellent place to begin your personal information journey where by fish and even aquariums are concerned is actually on the Internet from www.fish-aquariums.org. http://www.fish-aquariums.org gives a very good summary of fish as well as aquariums, and also does a notably nice job regarding demonstrating the many enjoyable accessories that you could place in your own container for your fish to be able to go swimming around, through and also below.

In addition to being fantastic pressure remedies, fish tanks make charming inclusions in the actual everyday life of youngsters. A smaller tank is really a terrific night light for your kid’s sleeping area through the night, and also fish help a kid unwind and even fall asleep. Aquaria in addition provide small children the chance to have liable jobs (feeding the fish) without all of the other issues to consider that go in concert with the purchase of a puppy or even a cat. After all, fish avoid getting muddy paws, they don’t need to have a cat litter box plus they won’t hurt the mailman! If the thought of an aquarium to actually complement your decoration, alleviate your tension or maybe charm your kids seems like something you might choose to consider further, go look into the information that can be found at fish-aquariums.org, today!


Scaffolding is Required for Giant Assignments

If you love home improvements and also substantial DIY tasks, eventually you will find oneself browsing the web with respect to scaffolding for sale. Those who are uninitiated might want to know what exactly scaffolding is capable of doing to help them which a ladder simply cannot, but as the facts will reveal, the correct answer is, “a great deal!” Exactly what is a scaffold?

A scaffold is usually a temporary, removable base useful as a place where a person might stay whilst functioning at levels which would generally usually often be inaccessible. Scaffolding features a bottom directly on the earth, often having tires which allow it to end up being shifted readily as employment needs require. Other scaffolds are attached through structures over the terrain, like those designed to paint overland bridge foundations. Scaffolds supply quite a few strengths when compared with a common extension ladder: they are safer, can be expandable to ensure they are as tall as your project requires, and they are considerably more secure. They also provide a much larger region where you’re able to do your job, a location to set down your color basket, resources and so on. Scaffolding typically will be built much like any “erector set” by strong metal tubes (typically lightweight aluminum) as well as platforms, and can be climbed about upon a great deal like a extension ladder, or in a situation of quite tall scaffolding, staff may be elevated onto it with a container truck or crane.


Unique Resources For Utility Work Contractors

Before working high in the air on a hard to reach place, it might be a good idea to check out bucket trucks for rent. These vehicles offer a unique value since there are not many other resources that have their functionality. Working in the air is particularly dangerous and any tool that makes it easier and safer is worth a look.

Bucket trucks might seem like they only offer limited function since they are designed for a specific purpose. However, they offer several benefits over the alternatives. Working on projects that are far above ground usually call for ladders or scaffolding. Ladders are dangerous, especially when they need to be used in especially high situations. Scaffolding is safer, but it takes a lot of time to set up a stable system. In contrast, a bucket truck can be driven right to the work site and it can be parked in the best position to reach the job. When time is of the essence, there is no faster way to get to where the work needs to be done. Electricians and sign installers are two good examples of the types of contractors that can benefit from one of these vehicles.

Not only will the utility truck be easier to get in the right spot, but the hydraulic arm will lift the basket and workers right into the safest position to work. There is no other way to get to a high spot with so little effort and it will be safer than any other method. Some contractors might not be convinced of the value of a vehicle like this, but renting one will show them just how useful it is. If it is only needed for a single job, then a rental is the smart choice.

Once the value of a bucket truck is seen, many contractors will want to invest in one and not use risky ladders. It is not necessary to buy a new one as the market for used utility vehicles is robust. The first step is to rent one of these utility trucks and take advantage of its functionality. There is no substitute for safety and these trucks have the added advantage of saving time and effort.


When to Choose a UTV Over an ATV

You probably heard the terms UTV and ATV and assumed that both terms referred to the same type of vehicles. An ATV is actually an all-terrain vehicle that can handle different types of terrain, while a UTV is a utility vehicle that is usually a little larger and more powerful. Having an ATV is great for those who want to have fun with friends, those who travel to outdoor spots for camping and hiking and anyone who wants something basic that is also easy to use. Depending on your preferences though, you might find that a UTV is a far better choice.

You Want to Customize

While you can customize an ATV, you’ll often find that you have few options and that you must stick with the parts and accessories available from the manufacturer of that vehicle. With a UTV, you have more options regarding how you can customize it. You can opt for accessories like new UTV bumpers, lighting systems for the outside or the cab and new tires. Some manufacturers even offer stereo systems that you can hook up and use with your cell phone while driving the UTV.

You Need to Haul Stuff

An ATV is a solid little vehicle but not designed for long distance hauling. The best option for those who need to haul things around their properties is a UTV. Many of these vehicles come with a hitch already installed on the back, and you can add your own hitch or tow bar to many models too. Some models also come with a larger rear cargo area that has plenty of room for additional storage. You can toss everything from bags of sod and feed to luggage and sports equipment in the cargo hold without worrying about weighing down the vehicle.

You Need a Work Vehicle

Owning a UTV also makes sense for those who want a good quality work vehicle. If you live on a farm or in a rural community, you need a vehicle that uses less gas but will still help you get all your work done. You can choose from different models based on your specific needs too. Those who spend a lot of time driving around their farms might prefer one with a closed cab that has AC. No matter where you live, there are situations where owning a UTV is a better alternative to owning an ATV.


Make Loading and Unloading Safe and Easy With Loading Ramps

If you have a business that requires a lot of loading and unloading of goods then you definitely need to have aluminum loading ramps for your business. You can choose from a wide array of different types of ramps, be it the flat or arched ramps, folding ramps and all these ramps can be easily stored in the back of a pick-up truck for easy conveyance.

In simple terms a loading ramp is built to provide an inclined plane that allows goods or vehicles to be loaded onto or off of a truck, trailer, or even a loading dock. Ramps also come in handy moving wheelchairs or mobility scooters from one place to another. There is a huge variety of ramps available ranging from fixed, to semi-permanent to portable. aluminum loading ramps have becoming more popular during recent times. Besides being safe, these ramps also last for a longer duration, proving to be a better option than wooden loading ramps. Aluminum loading ramps can be folded and carried in your truck for easy loading and unloading. When buying pre-owned make sure you ask the dealer or previous owner what the weight capacity was of the used loading ramp you are considering.

These are loading ramps that are constructed from lightweight grade aircraft aluminum. heavy equipment loading ramps have a reputation for being the best ramp regardless of what type of load you need to move. So what can you use an aluminum loading ramp for? In an industrial setting, aluminum ramps can be used for loading heavy equipment like bobcats and forklifts. Be sure though that you get a ramp with the right weight capacity and that has been rated for the job you need it for. Ensure you and your employees are aware of this range and always keep your ramp below this height.


Experiences With Car Repair Shop

Car owners have become more cautious in choosing car repair shops, and most of them prefer to stick with the one they trust. Therefore, you need to make sure that your car repair shop is one of those few on which they have unparalleled confidence. Consulting and getting the services of a Auto Repair Shop Orlando has assured me that I won’t experience the same problem with my car. The same process works for cars with special designs and logos.

Car Repair Shop Longwood specialize in providing quality workmanship at reasonable prices. A good car repair shop run by qualified car mechanics and trustworthy people is a service you’ll find yourself returning to time and time again over the years. One example of a car care service that needs attention every 3,000 miles is the oil change, which is also called a Full Service Oil and Lube, and Tune Ups are recommended every 12,000 miles.

Behind our knowledge, auto repair shops have laws and requirements that they have to adhere to as well as comply prior to they are doing the actual repair. If they stick to the right policy and procedure before they carry out a car repair, it would simply imply that they are trustworthy enough for us to not worry.

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Looking For the Best Automotive Dealerships

When individuals are looking into the purchase of an automotive, they may feel that they will be safe from being taken advantage of if they are buying a car from a car dealership as opposed to a used car sales lot or private individual. Good automotive dealership will know the areas on vehicles that a bad detailer can miss. Beyond what products auto dealership are using, a customer should look at the detail shop or dealership area. Research has shown that smart consumers pay much less for vehicles at regular dealerships than at no-haggle dealerships. Potentially unnecessary or overpriced vehicle products and services often include things like a stolen car recovery product, car paint sealant, an extended service contract, or upgraded tires.

Sawgrass Ford $0 / $0 monthly offer Both used and new automotives can be purchased at a dealership, and the thousands such facilities worldwide make up the major source for vehicle sales. Sawgrass Ford Facebook automotive dealerships generally stock a wide range of vehicle options. In general, dealerships stock such vehicles as cars, motorcycles, vans, light trucks, and some water sport devices. They are responsible for the inspection of every vehicle that has been repaired or worked on within the service department and are also responsible for selecting an individual who oversees this in their absence.