2016 Mitsubishi Lancer

Automobile maker Mitsubishi is well known all over the world for their production of accomplished, good looking sports cars. The Mitsubishi Lancer is the basically the oldest sedan in the market as the 2016 model is now entering its ninth year since the first model was released.
The Lancer has the best resale value off any car in the market, ideal for the frugal money hacker” says Tim from Moneydialogue.com.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2016
This car represents good value for money as always with Mitsubishi as well as offering sporty driving manners. One can say that much hasn’t changed in this model as compared to its predecessor as it maintains most of the features from the previous version in this segment.
Exterior and Interior Design
Not much has changed regarding the exterior of this car as it remains the same four-door sedan traditional vehicle. Though its square, crisp shape still makes it ideal for its fanatics but to the displeasure of the critics. A less aggressive grille has been added, as well as a front end design for 2016 which somehow makes it look modern. It also features a front bolder front bumper with vertical LED daytime running lights as well as fog lamps. Also coming in are the heated power mirrors with integrated turn signals and 16-inch alloy rims.
The car’s interior is where you can expect to see more changes. As expected the packaging and the interior are still very impressive as the Lancer manufacturer makes smart use of the cabin dimensions as in the previous versions of the Lancer models. A standard USB connectivity has been added to the central console as well as a redesigned voice-activated audio system. It also has cellphone controls with Bluetooth technology. Adding to all these, the Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 will feature a color LCD placed in the active cluster and it also offers an automatic air condition control system.
Engine and Fuel Economy
The Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 which is a base front-wheel-drive is fitted with a 148-hp, 2.0-liter MIVEC four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual gearbox as well as an optional (CVT) continuously variable transmission as it will seek to achieve maximum speed as well as maximum efficiency and excellent fuel economy. It returns 27 miles per gallon in the city and an original 35 miles per gallon when you are on the highway.
Apart from making smart use of the cabin, the automobile will be fitted with cloth seats to make it look all more impressive. The manufacturer has also added a new SEL trim level with a little bit more features.
Release date and price
This car will officially be on sale to the wider market around late October. Its prices will range from around $17,595 for the ES 2.0 five-speed stick manual transmission and $ 18,595 for the ES 2.0 with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

The Best Garage in Billings

When my husband and I moved to Billings, we both had a list of things we had to do. Mine was finding a new family doctor, dentist and grocery store, and his was finding the best pizza place as well as a garage that does comprehensive auto services in Billings MT. The pizza place was a bit of a joke for his list, but a garage wasn’t. We have three drivers in our family, and we wanted to make sure that the garage that services the three vehicles we drive is the best of the best.

He took his time looking over the different garages that are close to us online. He looked at Brown’s Auto Services first, but did look at some others too just to be fair. (more…)


Looking For the Best Automotive Dealerships

When individuals are looking into the purchase of an automotive, they may feel that they will be safe from being taken advantage of if they are buying a car from a car dealership as opposed to a used car sales lot or private individual. Good automotive dealership will know the areas on vehicles that a bad detailer can miss. Beyond what products auto dealership are using, a customer should look at the detail shop or dealership area. Research has shown that smart consumers pay much less for vehicles at regular dealerships than at no-haggle dealerships. Potentially unnecessary or overpriced vehicle products and services often include things like a stolen car recovery product, car paint sealant, an extended service contract, or upgraded tires.

Sawgrass Ford $0 / $0 monthly offer Both used and new automotives can be purchased at a dealership, and the thousands such facilities worldwide make up the major source for vehicle sales. Sawgrass Ford Facebook automotive dealerships generally stock a wide range of vehicle options. In general, dealerships stock such vehicles as cars, motorcycles, vans, light trucks, and some water sport devices. They are responsible for the inspection of every vehicle that has been repaired or worked on within the service department and are also responsible for selecting an individual who oversees this in their absence.


5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Automobiles

Why it is Important to Have Your Car Maintained at a Good Auto Repair Shop

Do vehicle owners get any benefits from bringing their cars to an auto repair shop? What role do they play in the maintenance of our vehicles?

There is no single can owner who wouldn’t want his car to be always in the best running condition. Today, buying a vehicle is no longer a luxury item but it has become more of a necessity. Everyone needs a vehicle to take care of the daily needs and tasks that we consider important in our lives. It is very inconvenient not to have the services of a vehicle when we need to do important things during the day. That is why it is the duty of a car owner to properly look after the maintenance of his vehicle if he does not want to be in a situation when the car can’t be used for his needs. If your car breaks down in the middle of driving to an important destination, this is something unacceptable to us. If you want to avoid this situation, it is best to bring your car to an auto service shop for regular maintenance.

It is very important that we take our vehicles to an auto service center for regular maintenance.

You should make sure that you do not leave a gap when you are thinking of preserving your vehicle. If there is a gap in the service, your vehicle condition can start deteriorating. You can find car owners all over the world bringing their vehicle to auto service centers because in here there are equipment which are of the latest and more advanced kinds and they have technicians that are well trained and experienced to know the basics pertaining to the condition of your car. Auto service centers make sure that you car will be well maintained. The benefits of regularly maintaining your vehicle is that in enhances the life of your vehicle and if will continue to show great performance.

What most vehicle owners don’t like about regular maintenance is that sometimes it takes a while to complete and they have to leave the vehicle behind for a few days, which means a few days of inconvenience. So, many car owners prefer same day services. You should leave your car in the shop if maintenance requires a longer period of time because it will be more beneficial and you car maintenance will be more thorough. In this way every hurdle and technical snags can be eliminated. If the technicians find any problem in your car while doing maintenance, then whatever the problem is, they will see to it that it is fixed quickly. What car owners truly appreciate are those auto service centers that offer them same day service facilities so that the maintenance job can be completes in a day’s time and the car owner do not need to suffer the inconvenience of having no vehicle even for a single day.

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The 10 Best Resources For Cars

Equipment for Towing a Car Whenever your car breaks down, you will need to do something about it. Definitely, you will need to take it to a professional for repairs. If you need to tow your own machine, this article provides you with the various options you could explore as well as the tools you need. You Need This Equipment Before you pull your car, this is the first consideration to make. The choice of equipment will largely depend on the type of vehicle you want to tow. It will also dependent on the degree of security you will want as you tow. Below are some of the tools which you may need when towing your machine.
If You Read One Article About Cars, Read This One
Working with Tow Dollies
The Essentials of Repairs – Breaking Down the Basics
These are two wheel dollies that hold two wheels of your car as the other two roles. The dolly’s end has an attachment that holds it to the car you will be using to tow yours. Ensure that the two wheels which will be on the ground are free rolling. If not the transmission system of your machine can damage. This will lead to more use of money. The dollies can work on any machine ranging from the two wheeled to the four wheeled machine. For the all wheel drive and the four wheel drive vehicles, you will need to connect your drive shaft first. To do it, you will need a mechanic. Nonetheless there are other choices that don’t require you to connect the shaft. Working with Tow Trailers Tow trailers come in two forms, open and closed. Both of them can work perfectly for all wheel vehicles. It’s due to the fact that your machine wheels will not be touching the ground. Therefore the transmission of your car will not be exposed to damage. An added advantage comes when you opt to use an enclosed trailer. It’s because your car is protected inside on the trailer. In comparison, trailers can cause higher amounts to rent than the dollies. Nevertheless, it’s worth the cost. Working with Tow Bars A tow bar is made to make a connection between your car and the towing vehicle. It facilitates independent turning of both the vehicle towing and your vehicle on the road. Usually you require safe guarding connections like chains. Compared to other towing options, this one will cost you less. There exists a myriad of towing options you could consider. There are many towing services in Las Vegas and you can opt for one if you are a resident. Many factors influence the choice of equipment. It’s very important to check the safety precautions of the equipment of your choice. Also, follow the traffic rules to avoid causing accidents to other road users.


A Quick Overlook of Automobiles – Your Cheatsheet

Some Car Repairs That Need Assistance You might rely on your own skills in doing automobile repairs. As you successfully have fixed toys, furniture, dishwashers and more in the past, this might lead you to believe you can just repair anything. But do not think that car repair is just as easy as repairing a dishwasher, because it is absolutely not. There are car mechanics and materials that are extremely complicated. One wrong alteration in car can take your pockets to paying thousands in further repair. Furthermore, there is some danger along with it. Let car repair shops handle the repair that need their assistance. Here are some tips. Timing Belt Replacement During its lifetime, there are instances when the car will need a replacement on its timing belt. If the car has a mileage of 60,000 to 100,000, experts say there is a need to replace its timing belt. Though this type of repair incurs many costs, it is important that this is performed by car repair shops and care repair professionals. You are damaging your engine if you decide to do it yourself. When engine damage happens because of self-repair to a car, chances are you will be paying for more. You will save more money when you ask a professional car repair expert to check your car and replace the timing belt.
A Simple Plan: Vehicles
Dealing With The Transmission Of Your Car
The 10 Best Resources For Cars
Car manufacturers have made sure to have built a car’s transmission with strong and high quality pieces and parts. Be aware that repairing the car transmission on your own will just be regretted in the end, since some damage might occur and some further repairs on these damages have to be carried out. If you yourself cannot do it right way, there is sometimes a need to work on the rest transmission as well. You do not want to pay a lot in just extra repair just because you missed asking car repair shops to do it. Do not risk your finances on the line when dealing with transmission work. Car experts and professionals will sure offer specialized services for transmission work. The Overheat Dilemma A warning light turns on and smoke appearing indicate a car overheating, never think twice about bringing your car to a car repair shop for handling this. The car’s heating and cooling system has dynamics you need to remember. Car repair experts should handle the most advanced car repairs such as hose and thermostat replacements. Doing this yourself is risking the functionality of your engine. There are also more costs when you have the damage repaired. Let a car expert and professional diagnose the problem and fix it for you.


The Beginner’s Guide to Equipment

What are Some of the Best Hand Winches Nowadays? Through hand winches, it is now possible for us to pull or lift heavy loads easily and swiftly. A hand winch is a compact device that is a crank or electrically powered. Many uses of them are existent, these may include the pulling out of deeply rooted plants such as small trees, moving a large object into the trailer, or even hoisting a heavy load into the ceiling. This also may vary depending on how it works, to the length of its cord, and to the weight it can lift. There are also different types and designs of a hand winch, examples are the manual winch with brake and the warn winches. Below are some of the best hand winches in these days. Firstly, is the Sportsman W1000 A more complete set makes the Sportsman W1000 one of the best hand winches now a days. This hand winch comes with a thirty two (32) cable and a hook at the end of it. This winch is capable of moving an object weighing until one thousand pounds (1000 lbs.), this is the reason why it is best for pulling and lifting. It only weighs six pounds (6 lbs.), that’s why it is pretty easy to carry around. Its small size is just a size, and do not be fooled by it. Its forged steel pinion gear and shaft are truly durable, and its plate has the ability to resist rust and corrosion since it is made up of zinc oxide. It only has one speed and a four is to one (4:1) gear ratio. Second is the Haul Master 95541. The Haul Master 95541 can pull and lift about anything since it is capable in moving nine hundred pounds (900 lbs.) weight of load. This hand winch comes with a polyester web strap in length of 20 feet (20 ft.), and this is often said to be more flexible than a steel. The Haul Master 95541 is a solid steel with a locking lever and a safety flip lever. This type of hand winch works differently as compared to the usual hand winches; the user needs to move the crank up and down rather than rotating it. Moving objects in this way can be said to take longer time, but one thing can be assured upon, it is easier to mount the winch because the user do not need to make a room for the handle to make it around in a full circle.
Getting Down To Basics with Products
To conclude all the things up, it can be said that a hand winch can make a heavy project easy to do. And, Sportsman W1000 and the Haul Master 95541 are truly some of the best hand winches of these times.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Equipment


The Essentials of Repairs – The Basics

How to Find a Reliable Auto Repair Shop Anyone that owns a car should be able to preform some car repairs on your own. You should know how to change your vehicles tire if it were to go flat and you should know what to do if the battery light comes on or the battery dies. This is not the case for a lot of us out there, so in these circumstances it is important to have a good repair shop you can count on. It is best to know of a shop before you are in need of taking your car to one. Looking for a reliable shop before you actually need it will help you find a reliable shop and will ensure you are getting the best deal for the work you need done. Locating the best repair shop takes time and a lot of consideration, which can only be done ahead of time. The first important thing in finding an auto repair shop is that it needs to be in close proximity to your place of residence. Most of the time you do not have time to predict an emergency, so it is crucial that you do not have to travel a long distance to take your car in order for it to get the care it needs. You might already have a reliable shop, but you might have moved recently, if this is the case then you should ask if they have a satellite shop that you could take your car. A quick response time can go a long way in taking care of your vehicle, this is why this tip is crucial.
The Best Advice About Vehicles I’ve Ever Written
Another factor you should consider when selecting a repair shop is whether or not they service your vehicles make and model. Finding a shop that specializes in your style of car, will ensure you that they have the knowledge and skills to fix any issue with your car. You will feel a lot more confident know that you are taking you vehicle to someone that is specializes.
News For This Month: Vehicles
You should search around or be aware if they have any indicators or accolades that shows that you can truly trust them. Look for service awards or customer service awards that show that they are a recognized company. Are they part of the Better Business Bureau or other customer group? These indicators will act as a seal of approval for trust. Searching the internet is a very good tool for any service company, you will be able to look for multiple companies and search for reviews that will tell you what other customers are saying. If you follow these few tips, you will get the best auto service for your car when you need it the most.


Finding Ways To Keep Up With Cars

How to Choose an Auto Mechanic for Your Vehicle Even though we need our cars in order to lead the kind of lives we currently lead, they can also cause a lot of trouble for us. This is especially true whenever some mechanical part of the car breaks down, as you’ll be unable to drive it effectively (or at all) until the repairs are done. You’re going to find that a good mechanic will certainly be someone who has a great sense of how to fix any problem. This is something that can generally be found by seeing how long the mechanic has been in business. Basically, a good mechanic will increase his skills considerably as he continues working on cars over the years. You’ll be able to depend on them for just about any repair issue you may have, because they will have seen all of these problems before. Basically, if you’re serious about repairing your car, then the experience of your mechanic will be very important. You may also need to try to find a specialist mechanic to help you out if you’re dealing with a type of car trouble that can’t be diagnosed by a more general mechanic. While you can get just about any mechanic to help you change a tire or replace an oil filter, there are a lot of issues that might need a more skilled approach. One common specialty is to find a mechanic who only deals with transmissions in cars. If your car issues are pretty specific, then it can be worth your while to find someone who knows how to take care of the problems you have.
What I Can Teach You About Automobiles
Finally, you’ll need to consider whether it’s a good idea to find a mechanic work specializes in certain types of cars. Having a mechanic who is very familiar with a particular brand of car will be quite helpful in most instances, as he will know just what kinds of problems to look for and where to find all the various parts of the car. You can call various mechanics to find out what kind of experience they have in dealing with your make and model of car before you take your vehicle into the shop. This can give you the peace of mind that the repairs you receive will really get the job done.
The 10 Best Resources For Cars
You’re going to find that the right type of mechanic will be critical to getting you back on the road again. A great working relationship with a local auto repair service can be something that drastically improves your quality of life.


Why No One Talks About Schools Anymore

A Basic Knowledge on Online Traffic Schools As a matter of fact, people have various reasons as to why they decide to enroll in an online traffic school. The reasons of these people could range from the need to reduction for insurance premiums, need of points of dismissal or as a safety course. Keep in mind however that the online traffic school is not a school for the people that wish to learn how to drive. To be able to remind and teach the drivers on the basic traffic rules is as a matter of fact the reason as to why the online traffic school came into existence. Defensive driving is at times also being taught in this school. When you do attend an online traffic school, you will soon be able to discover that it is the same with the traditional school. The only difference between the two is their ambiance. This means therefore that the students are still required to do the same thing such as the need to take the quiz, attend the workshop and study the course. The interactive animations, eBooks and short videos are in fact the primary instructional materials that the online traffic school makes use of. The needed amount of time in order to be able to finish one whole course is most of the five hours only. The reason as to why the student has enrolled in the online traffic school is as a matter of fact the basis as to how long the student will finish the entire course. The best example for this is when there is a student that wishes to be able to clean their traffic record – it will take the student only one day to have it cleaned. But then again, a longer time will be needed if it will be about points dismissal.
Doing Services The Right Way
Deciding to enroll in an online traffic school will also mean that you will get to enjoy the advantages that it offers. The first benefit is that you will be able to study while you are staying at home. You can actually save your work where you left off if there is a need for you to log off and you can come back for it later when you can. Enrolling in an online traffic school is actually cheaper. For 50 dollars you will be able to avail of the service since this is what most of the web sites will ask for or it will depend on the kind of course that you will take.
6 Facts About Resources Everyone Thinks Are True
There are actually some courts that consider the online traffic school. Keep in mind that before enrolling in an online traffic school you have to know first as to what the approved online traffic schools of the courts are. There are actually limitations set for those people that are allowed to be able to enroll in this kind of course. The online traffic school is sometimes not considered as an option.


Auto Repair Brownsville Launches New Website at AutoRepairBrownsville.com


BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Auto Repair Brownsville, one of the region’s leading auto repair companies, launched a brand new website at www.AutoRepairBrownsville.com. Packed full of informative content and advanced features, the attractive, easily navigable new site has been designed from the ground up to work perfectly with smartphones and other mobile devices. Visitors to the new Auto Repair Brownsville site can browse a real-time parts inventory, read helpful car repair tips, and find contact information to use for scheduling an oil change, engine repair, or other top-quality service.

“We’re excited to say that our terrific new website is now online,” Auto Repair Brownsville representative Jose Gutierrez said, “We think our web design partners did a wonderful job putting this together for us, and the early response from our loyal customers has been highly positive. We’ve got lots of useful information posted there already, and we look forward to providing visitors with a steady flow of updates as time goes on. We invite all who are interested in learning about what we have to offer, or automotive repair and maintenance in general, to stop by.”

With nearly two hundred thousand residents in the city itself and a similar number more spread across the rest of the metropolitan area, fast-growing Brownsville has become a world-class destination for those seeking economic opportunity, low costs of living, and a rewarding quality of life. Locals have a wide and growing array of choices when it comes to securing the services that everyone needs, and Auto Repair Brownsville is one of the most highly regarded of all.

Emphasizing honesty, professionalism, and transparency with every job and customer, the locally owned company provides a full range of repair and maintenance services for vehicles of all makes and models. The conveniently located Auto Repair Brownsville facility at 805 Price Road is staffed with highly trained, certified mechanics and maintains hours that make it easy for Brownsville residents to arrange for the work and attention their cars and trucks need.

The new Auto Repair Brownsville website reflects this customer-centered approach to doing business. Designed at a deep level to deliver the things that the company’s clients most often need, it includes a real-time parts inventory, a fast, convenient contact form, and other useful features. The responsive new website is also a pleasure to use on smartphones and tablets, passing Google’s “mobile-friendly” test with no issues or warnings. The new Auto Repair Brownsville website is online now and will be updated regularly as time goes on.

About Auto Repair Brownsville:
With honest, professional, highly trained mechanics seeing to every customer’s needs, Auto Repair Brownsville is the Rio Grande Valley’s top full-service automotive maintenance and repair service for vehicles of all makes and models.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Experts

Benefits of Hiring a Transportation Safety Consultant The question of whom and when to hire should always be a vital concern for operations, project, and human resources managers, and even CEO’s, especially when it deals with training and safety problems. In the transportation industry, it is essential for most companies to provide a safe working environment for their employees in order to be competitive and stay in business. And this includes not just the full-time employees. Even though the company has a good and existing safety and training program, it is impossible to predict and control human error a hundred percent. An in house safety and training manager will usually have more on his plate than what just his original job description. He does not have the time and your budget allowance may not provide him will all the necessary resources to keep up with the environmental changes. Thus, it is more cost effective to hire a transportation safety consultant who will provide a new insight into your company’s policies, safety training, and accident prevention programs. Why should you hire a transportation safety consultant instead of a safety and training manager? A transportation safety consultant will not be slowed down by your company’s internal struggles nor will he be guided by your previous safety record. He will not be under pressure to make your company look good. You need to find someone who has a good reputation and has the ability to save your company a great deal of money by recommending and implementing new ideas.
Lessons Learned About Experts
A transportation safety consultant usually provides a slew of services to companies that run commercial trucks and shippers or carriers of dangerous materials, especially in complying with DOT and federal regulations. Some of the services they provide are: litigation support, consulting services, driver and management training, and vehicle maintenance programs.
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Experts
A skilled transportation safety consultant will assist you in completing a comprehensive workplace assessment and review all your existing safety policies and training programs. They will identify not only those immediate dangers, but also the little details that one may take for granted. They can also listen to what your employees think about your existing programs and policies. A transportation safety consultant will conduct risk, regulatory and liability exposure appraisals to find out how your company is performing. He will determine which areas are working well and will provide input on the areas that should be improved. He will save you a lot of money on DOT fines and insurance premiums and make your company more insurable. Transportation safety and driver training issues are very important so it is also equally important for you to find a reputable transportation safety consultant.