Horse Racing Betting Rules at FachaiPro Casino

General Rules:

  • Once bets/wagers are placed and confirmed, they may not be changed, canceled, or modified in any way.
  • Bets/Wagers placed after the official posted time will be considered void and will have No Action.
  • All wagers are made on the saddlecloth/gate or program number, not on the horse’s name. In the event there is a mismatch between the horse’s name and the saddlecloth/gate number, only the number will have action.
  • FachaiPro Casino offers live post times on all horse wagers. Wagers entered after actual post time will be graded as No Action.
  • FachaiPro Casino is not responsible for any bets/wagers that do not get in for any reason.
  • In the event that a client places a wager that is higher than our posted limits, the wager will have action only up to the posted limit. The rest of the wager will have no action.
  • FachaiPro Casino will settle any wagering disputes according to industry standards and guidelines.
  • FachaiPro Casino reserves the right to limit and, or, refuse wagers.
  • FachaiPro accepts wagers on all major thoroughbred and harness racetracks.
  • Exotic wagers will only have action if the track offers payouts for that type of wager and FaChaiPro maximum payouts apply.
  • If a track is on our betting menu, but not listed on the Horse Track Categories, the Maximum Net Profits defaults to $1,000.
  • Any attempt to play negative pool hedges will result in account suspension and loss of money from said wager.
  • Any Account found Manipulating Track Pools will have their entire account balance confiscated, this includes deposits and any type of wager winnings. Account will be permanently suspended.
  • A race must have at least 5 running horses for matchup wagers to have action.
  • For all fixed odds horse racing markets, wagers will be all action, no refunds.
  • Maximum amount any given player can win in a 24-hour period is $50,000.
  • Maximum payout on American fixed odds wagering is $15,000 / International fixed odds is $2,000 per customer – per race. Any account to have been found to be manipulating the fixed odds in any manner will have all said fixed odds winnings confiscated and the account suspended.

Scratched Horse Rules

  • Win/Place/Show

FachaiPro will issue a refund for all parts of your wager involving a scratched horse.

  • Exacta/Trifecta

Combo bets that contain a scratched horse will have the scratched portion refunded. (Please note that these rules may not apply to wagers on entries. See entry rules for details).

  • Daily Doubles

If a horse is scratched before the second leg, a consolation will be paid on that combo, as specified by track payouts.

  • Pick 3’s, Pick 4’s, and Pick 6’s

If a horse is scratched in any leg, you will receive the track favorite or any official consolation payoffs.


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